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Located at Falkland, British Columbia, Canada

A fly fishermen's paradise, Bolean Lake is situated on the top of Spa Mountain just 10 km (6 miles) off Highway 97 at Falkland, between Kamloops and Vernon. Nearby lakes Arthur and Spa, are served by Bolean Lake Lodge. All 3 lakes yield fantastic wild rainbow trout. For those who prefer spinning gear or trolling the results are just as great. The fish seem eager to be caught throughout the season. Size ranges up to 2 pounds or more, with the bigger fish in Arthur and Spa Lakes.

Bolean Lake Resort Bolean Lake Resort Sunset

The three lakes are each over one mile long and located on top of Spa Mountain at an elevation of about 5,000 feet. Daytime temperatures are moderate, evenings are cool and the fishing is good throughout the season. Forested with balsam fir, lodgepole pine and Englemann spruce, the area is home to a number of birds and animals. The serene quiet is disturbed only by the call of the loon and the many other species of wild birds. Bald eagles and osprey soar overhead, herons feed in the shoreline reeds and grasses. Deer, moose and bear may be spotted while driving in the area. Wild mushrooms abound.

The serene quiet of undisturbed nature will add to your enjoyment, whether you are fishing, hunting, mountain biking, painting, writing or just plain relaxing with the opportunity to enjoy an unspoiled retreat.

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